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Seven Smart Paint Colors For Your Condo

Choosing a great color which you can use to paint your condo can be a challenging task. This is because a condo has different rooms and deciding which color to use in certain areas greatly depends on the ambiance you want to create, the type of room, furniture as well as your tastes and preferences. A lot of people are reluctant to use bright colors such as orange or dull colors such as grey because they are afraid that it will not be a hit with visitors. However, it is important to challenge your creativity and experiment with different colors.


If you are wondering which colors you should use when it comes to painting your condo, below are some of the seven smart colors which you can use. These colors are versatile, eye-catching, relaxing and they help to stimulate different feelings.

1. Gray - Helps to Create a Feeling of Tranquility

Grey is a great color that you can use to paint your condo. It is a relaxing neutral tone and it helps to create a feeling of calmness and tranquility. From your living room to the bedroom, grey color is almost suitable for every type of room in a condo and this is because it perfectly blends with a lot of furniture. It is also very easy to decorate a room that has a grey paint.

2. Purple – A Warm, Welcoming Color

One of the best colors which you can use to paint your condo in order to create a warm welcoming feeling is purple. Play around with your creative juices and paint your den with a purple color to create a cozy and warm ambiance. It’s a color that will make your family and friends to feel relaxed and welcomed.

Note that it is important to choose furniture with warm colors which will perfectly blend with the purple color. A yellow, red or brown furniture will match with purple making your condo to look classy and elegant.


3. Black –For a Professional Look

If you have a room in your condo that serves as an office, then you can paint it black to create a professional look. Black helps to create a formal appearance and it is a standardized color in the eyes of most people. It provides a sleek, edgy and professional appeal for a condo office. Additionally, you can paint the office desk black in order to create a look that matches with the wall.

4. Yellow-Green – To Create an Uplifting Mood
Yellow-green is a great color which is often used in condos to boost the curb appeal. It’s a popular painting color that emanates an uplifting and a cheerful mood and even if you are feeling gloomy and down, entering a room that is painted yellow-green will simply energize you. Yellow-Green is great for the living room because this is the first place where visitors set their eyes when they enter your condo. This color is an instant hit with visitors.

It is important that you creatively focus on synchronizing the design of your living room to ensure that your visitors don’t overlook this cheerful color. Ensure that the color of your living room furniture isn’t too dark or too light because this will distort that ambiance that the yellow-green color creates.

5. Green –For the Kitchen Windows

One of the areas which a lot of people tend to ignore while painting a condo is the kitchen area especially the windows. However, this is one of the most essential places that require attention. For the kitchen windows, an outdoor green, lime green or olive green is a perfect color because it provides a smooth transition from the kitchen area to the outdoor garden terrace especially if there is a kitchen garden. Green helps to create a unique and undistorted color appeal by dividing the indoors and the outdoors.

Note that a condo terrace is a place where some residents sit and relax hence it is important to implement a creative design using a color that creates a smooth transition between the indoor and the outdoor area.

6. Blue –To Create an Illusion of a Bigger Space

Sometimes your condo may appear to be too squeezed or too small. An area such as the bathroom may be too small and this is a place where you can relax and refresh your body and mind after an exhausting day. To create a spacious bathroom that feels bigger, use a powder or sky blue color to create an impression of comfort and space.

If you are planning to sell that condo, accentuate the bathroom with a blue color in order to attract potential buyers. One of the main reasons as to why most bathrooms are painted blue is to create a refreshing and vast feeling which large water bodies such as the oceans usually possess. It’s the color which reflects water and it is neutral enough to create an illusion of a bigger space.


7. Orange- For a Vibrant Feeling

Orange is a color that creates a vibrant and party feeling. If you are a person who loves to throw parties indoors or you want a color that will create a feeling of vibrancy in your condo, then orange is the best color to go for. It helps to stimulate different senses in the body and enhances great moments of bonding. Entice your guests by using orange to create a celebratory and sensational mood.

Painting your condo is the best and easiest way which you can use to jumpstart a makeover. Whether it’s a private condo or you are planning to sell it, do not limit yourself because you are scared that a color is too bight or unconventional. The color that you choose is all about you, your style and preferences. Use a color that can attract potential buyers or creates a welcoming and relaxing impression to visitors.

Everybody wants something that is unique as well as eye-catching and the above-mentioned colors are some of the best which you can use to paint your condo since they are captivating and refreshing.

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