What You Need To Know About How Often To Repaint Your Home and What to Look For

There are numerous reasons to repaint a house, practical and aesthetic reasons. Whether you just want to redo your house for you or you have plans to sell it, a new paint job is definitely a good and worth investment. If you want to sell, then a new paint job will give your house a more attractive look to potential buyers. Still, if you intend to keep it, re-painting your house will give it a new look bringing in more beauty and life. If yours is one of those houses with peeling, chipped paint, it probably looks unappealing and run-down, which can be changed to the beauty of the neighborhood by a new paint job. This is usually a great opportunity to experiment with a new color to give the house a better new and better look. If the interiors is more of what you have in mind then even better because it will not only be something nice to look at but it will also protect your home from moisture that would harbor pests.

This is a common question among homeowners, who are not sure, when it is necessary to do re-painting. Most of the time, a good paint job will last up to eight years, maybe more but it usually depends on a few factors. Some of the factors are the climate in the area you live in, the last paint that was used and the materials used to build your house.

In case you are not sure when the house was last painted or what was used, try to examine what shape the house in. Check for any flaking or peeling, for instance if you have wood siding, check for flaking around the edges or at the bottom and if it is then you had best start planning for a re-paint. If your home has aluminum siding that is fading or chipping, maybe even showing some age then it is definitely time to re-paint. When you notice the signs, you are on the clock but if the damage is minimal, you can start saving in case you are on budget, to re-paint after a year. The longer you wait, the more the damage and the more work it will take to put it back into shape. This also means that the more it will cost you when you decide to get to it.

First, the reason why it is important to paint a house is that it protects it from structural elements and maintains the property value. Paint has two purposes, functionality and aesthetics; it keeps your house protected from rot, weather, dirt, UV damage and a lot more elements that may bring harm to a home. For these reasons, you need to make timely re-paints or the underlying materials will be exposed and will start to degrade.

The idea is generally to keep an eye on any parts about to fail like fading and chalking. Fading is a washed out appearance of colors losing their luster, even the whites will look dull or appear gray-ish. Chalking is when the surface gets a rough texture and if you run your hand over it, it will come out with a chalky substance. This is an indication that the chemical bonds holding the paint together are failing and a matter of time before it gets ugly. When repainting, many coats are not usually the solution, two are normally enough for most structures and you should get paint with anti-fungal and anti-mould properties. Try to get paint that is also free of lead and mercury since it is more environmental friendly with no poisoning.

· If your house is new, it will take you about five years to re-paint because there is a possibility the contractor used just one coat of paint.

· If you live in a hot place with low-humidity sunlight then you are likely to re-paint more often and if your siding is wooden then you might have to do it every four to five years.

· If the area you live in experiences very harsh winters then you have two options, to repaint more often or to use more coats, doubling for trims and corners.

· If your house has aluminum siding then the paint will last from seven to ten years if you use a good paint. Even though vinyl might not need to be repainted, it is probably going to fade.

The interior of the house painting normally creates a certain atmosphere and everyone wants to be surrounded by ambience. It is usually advisable to use washable paints in the interior so that you may wash up dirt when the need arises.

· Just like the exterior, interior paint starts to look aged and to shoe wear and tear, you might have kids and if you do, you probably have hand smudges, scrapes and nicks that make the paint quite unattractive. This do not in any way bring threat to the house but they might be quite the eye sore.

· The paint on the windowsills might also be peeling and cracking which is a good sign you need to re-paint. There is usually moisture accumulating on the windowsill and consistent exposure to the sun normally makes the paint dry causing it to crack. If you don’t take action, the wood might be damaged badly.

· You might also want to know the kind of paint used in different rooms because if oil-based paint was used in the bathroom for instance, the moisture will collect and then drip leaving drip lines on the wall. For a bathroom, flat latex paint is best. Oil-based paint is also best to use on doors, windows and cabinets.

Now that you know what to look for and have decided you need to have your house re-painted, it is a wise idea to hire experts to do it for you. There are many capable experts in Singapore that will be willing to assist you re-paint your home. The prices normally depend on the area you want re-painted and the kind of paint but you are sure to get a reasonable price and magnificent results.

Painting Services For Home Improvement in Singapore

In a situation where you want to replace your house, you have to plan on how to go about it and determine if there is the need to hire professional painting service providers. You will then to choose the color you want, and the painting company handles the rest of the matters. Singapore has several painting service providers whose services prove useful to homeowners and private contractors seeking home improvement. Below are some aspects of painting services.

Moving into a new home

Different individuals have divergent tastes and preferences especially when it comes to themes and painting designs for homes. If by any chance you move to a new home, the previous occupant’s painting choices may not suit your needs and those of your family. As such, you may require making some adjustments so as to be assured of comfort and contentment in your new home.

Preparing your home for sale

It is common knowledge that a freshly painted home is valued more than one that has old paint peeling off its walls. Homeowners tend to paint their old homes as this makes them a preferred target for potential buyers. The fresh appeal will create a good first impression of your home to buyers and increase their likelihood to buy it.

Personalize space

Choosing the preferred colors for your home brings out your personality and expresses your likes. Home is where you spend some of the most memorable moments in life, so it goes without saying it should look just the way you want. There exists a belief that the colors in your house have an impact on your mood and thoughts and fills you with positive energy.

Home makeover

Painting is one of the ways you can use to get a fresh new look for your home. It gets that tired look off your home and makes it a charming place to stay. Adding the correct shades of colors will ensure your home blends with the background, more the reason you should get that paint job.

Freshen up your home.

Painting enables you to promote the quality of air indoors by getting rid of musky smells of old paint. The effect can be primarily achieved when painters use Eco-friendly paints, so you won’t have to endure harsh fumes or odors. It also helps in eliminating dust from the surfaces so that you will be taking in clean, fresh air.

Getting rid of permanent stains

Some marks and spots around the home, especially on the walls, can be so stubborn, and no matter how much you wash, they hardly come out. For such a case, a layer of paint comes in handy because it will cover the offending stain. The final result of this is more peace of mind for you.

Interior and exterior painting

Exterior painting improves curb appeal by keeping your structures looking great. It is usually done on doors, wood sidings, walkways, concrete planters, and decks among other surfaces. It portrays you as someone who takes great care of where they live. Interior painting creates ambiance and keeps all parts of your house looking their best, be it the kitchen, bedrooms, dining room and any other areas

Consultation services

Most painting companies in Singapore will readily offer you advice especially if you are stuck about selecting the perfect color for your office or home. Their knowledge and experience put them in a better place to guide you on issues like color matching, the best paint to buy, and emerging trends in the painting sector.

Dry wall repair

Before starting the painting work, the painting service providers will check the walls for defects such as uneven seams, popped nails, cracks, holes, and bumps. They repair them so that after painting, the wall can have a smooth, finished look.

Pressure cleaning

Notably, this is done to make a surface ready for painting and minimize instances of paint failure. In most cases, painting service providers will use highly pressurized water to get rid of dust particles, mildew, and old coats of paint, so that the new job can be useful. In most cases, the cleaning is done on walls and wood sidings.

Affordability: Painting your home is an investment that is worth the effort. Good as it is, you don’t want to spend a fortune carrying out that project, so it is advisable to go for a cost-effective approach. Explore ways of lowering the painting cost, such as buying your paints instead of using those of a painting company. Ensure you get value for money by looking for a firm that does high-quality work. Your budget will determine the kind of painting services you choose.

Past reputation: You wouldn’t want to hire people who will do a shoddy job and cannot keep time or deliver what they promise. Aim at hiring a company that strives to provide the highest quality of services and operates by the industry’s standards. Search their past performance online to determine if they rate highly. Make sure you find more about their competence and skills before hiring.

The quality of materials used: Use of low-quality materials will result in a poorly done job that will not last long. You wouldn’t want to renovate your house soon after a painting job because that is an unnecessary added cost. Agree with the contractors on whether you can provide some of the items they need, especially the paint.

Follow-up services: Some painting companies in Singapore follow up their projects to ensure that customer needs were satisfied. They genuinely understand that homes are one of the people’s biggest investments and have to be treated with the care they deserve. Some even offer maintenance services, so your home keeps looking great longer.

When you have a painting project, it is advisable to go for professional painters rather than amateurs as it has proven beneficial in many ways. First, it makes the procedure less tedious for you and lifts the burden off your shoulders. Second, professional painters will get the job done in far much less time thus reducing disruption period for your family. Third, you will be assured of quality work since you can count on the honed skills of the professionals. Finally, professionals are better off providing the surfaces because they are familiar with safety precautions involved.


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