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13 Worst Mistakes People Make In Office Painting

Paint coating in an office does not only beautify the falls, but it also has a significant effect on the office mood. A stunning and attractive paint colour provides the office with a very positive energy apart from playing a crucial role as decorating factor. For top quality services, you must hire a professional painter for your office to have a unique and classic appearance. But there are some mistakes people make in office painting and end up destroying all this beauty.

Office Painting

Here is a comprehensive list of 13 worst mistakes people make in office painting.

1. Wrong color combination

When painting any office, colour combination is one of the most important things to consider. Many people would prefer to have different colours as a form of beautification, but this can turn out be a nightmare. Wrong color combination is one of the worst mistakes people make in painting an office. This may carry a bad message and to some extent, it can lead to circulation of a very negative energy in that office. You must very careful and also confirm the color combination that you want before it is applied on the wall.

2. Ignoring surrounding

The official theme must be maintained or otherwise you may never get a touch that you want the clients to get when they enter your office. You must consider the surrounding and the main purpose of the office. One mistake that many make is to paint haphazardly, and this produces improper results that give the office a bad look. It is, therefore, important to consider the surrounding and the main theme of the office before starting the painting work. This will help in selecting the right paint colour to suit the office theme and the surrounding perfectly.

3. Painting on the dirty surface

For any painting to stand out, the surface must be thoroughly clean. One worst mistake that people make in office painting is doing it on the dirty surface. The results are low-quality work that sometimes can call for repainting. It can be a very costly affair considering that the first coating needs to be removed. Therefore, always ensure that the office walls are properly cleaned before the painting work can proceed.

4. Painting over the moist surface

The best paint does not mix with water - they are simply immiscible. One big mistake that anyone painting an office can do is painting on a wet surface. The fact that both cannot mix means that the walls must be totally dry before anyone can proceed with painting work. Paint cannot adhere to the wet surface and after a short it will start peeling off and blistering as time goes. This will undoubtedly call for another work of repainting the office after a brief period.

5. Skipping the primer

This is another worst mistake that any office painter can make either deliberately or innocently. Primer is very necessary step in painting since it helps the paint to adhere to the surface, and if you skip it, it can create some problems in the future. Primer acts as the base of the main colour and with its absence; the painting may never turn out as you wanted it to be. This will definitely result in a job that was not done up to the required standards.

6. Ignoring a test batch

Many people do their colour combination from the computer sets, but they forget that this might not be reflected in the real room. They make a mistake of ignoring the test batch and thus the result might turn slightly different from their expectations. It is, therefore, crucial to test a small part of the wall before you can proceed with painting the whole office. This way you can make necessary changes without wasting resources.

7. Wrong paint brushes

Using wrong paint brushes is another worst mistake that can discredit a contractor entirely. The worst thing about using wrong painting brushes is that the strokes will be left the walls, and this will not create a good picture at all. It is a problem mostly associated with inexperienced or rogue contractors. Avoiding low quality brushes the solution to this problem.

Office Painting

8. Poor prepping
Prepping is very important part of the painting exercise. Another mistake that people make while painting the office is doing inadequate prepping. This leaves paint marks on the doors knobs and or even the windows which make the office look bad if they are not wiped away immediately. As a painter, always ensure that proper prepping has been done before proceeding to painting.

9. Wrong quotation

Another worst mistake that people make in office painting is underestimating the amount of paint needed to complete the job. This is a problem that is usually seen in the inexperienced contractors who has never painted an office of that size. This may result to paint getting finished before the work is over which is not a good thing to a contractor. Quotation must be done to the precise value or even bigger value to ensure that at no will there be a paint shortage.

10. Tape problem

Another mistake that many people do during painting is messing up with painter's tape. They tend to remove the tape when the paint is already dry which is very wrong. Waiting until the paint is dry to pull the tape will result in pulling off some paints pieces leaving marks on the wall. Always be very careful with this tape as it can destroy nicely painted wall if it's not handled with care.

11. Applying too much paint

The reason painting an office requires very experienced persons, is due to their painting skills and techniques. Applying too much paint on the surface is one thing that an expert will never do. Inexperienced painters will make this mistake, and it will result to wet paint dripping and eventually causing cracks as it dries.

12. Improper preparations

Inadequate preparation is yet another mistake common in many people. They start the work in haste and end doing a very shady job. It is important to ensure that if there was any repair that needed to be done it has been attended to before painting commences. Everything that is required for painting should be there too.

13. Finishing with ceiling

This is a problem common with inexperienced painters. By painting the ceiling last, you definitely end up destroying the painted walls, and this will cost you extra time and money in repainting. The drips from the ceiling paint will find their way onto the wall, and this will destroy its paint which in most cases is of different color to the ceiling.

These are some of the worst Mistakes people make in office painting. They are mistakes that can and should be avoided at all cost for the paint colour to come out as expected.

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