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5 Myths On Painting Your Home

House Painting Myths

5 Myths On Painting Your Home

I Would Have To Spend Less If I Do The Job Myself

It is for certain that there are a lot of D-I-Y guides that you can buy in stores and you can even obtain these handbooks for free from the Internet. Of course, the guide would promise you to save up money since you wouldn't have to hire professionals to do the job.

Yet, the truth is, you are only risking your home to greater damages and worse, lead your pocket to spend for more expenses. If you were to do the painting yourself, chances are, more paints would just go to waste due to improper application. Professional painters know that each stroke of their brushes does not simply affect the painting's results but also the quantity of paint that will be consumed.

Hiring Painting Services Will Limit The Color Of My Preference and They'll Charge Me More If I Request Extra Colors

This is the common thought of most homeowners who didn't have tried acquiring painting services before and this notion is definitely not true. Oftentimes, the client will be provided the right solutions which match according to his requirements.

As for most painting service providers, if you requested for two-coating painting, you will be provided for that requirement no matter what colors you might request. The extra-charge will be made if you tell them to add another coat of paint , but this actually depends on the service package that you obtain. Some providers will even give free extra coating to their customers.

Cheap Painting Services Are Always The Best Option

Not all the time. If you wanted to get premium services and high quality outcomes, you will have to pay for what is worthy. Common sense would of course tell you that too good to be real offers are often unreal. Premium providers typically charge higher prices because they use commercial grade paints and their team members are often high-class painters.

All My Furniture Should Be Moved Out When Painting The House

If you are not a professional home painter, then you would do this concept. Yet, if you were to hire professional painters, they wouldn't move your belongings outdoor but instead, they will secure those furniture at some areas inside the house and covered them with appropriate gears.

It Isn't Safe For A Pregnant Woman's Health To Stay Inside While Painters Are At Work

Years ago, when men would apply paint on their homes, they would have to move out the pregnant women in the house to another location, for instance, to a relative's house. It was said that painting could be dangerous to the pregnant woman's health. Back then, it wasn't really a myth but it is a factual action conducted for the woman's safety.

Years ago most paints were made with components which were highly dangerous not just to a pregnant woman's health but also to anyone who inhales its fume. Today, most of the time professional painters would use reliable, odorless paints which are typically made from danger-free materials.

Pregnant women can stay inside the house while the constructors are at work as long as the area is well-ventilated. *Note: Instances differ from the variation of paints use by the painters. If you have pregnant women at home, it is wise to ask the contractors if they are using safe paints and if it is okay for the pregnant person to stay inside. For security purposes, it would be wise to temporarily move out those pregnant individuals.

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I was given a free onsite quotation for the painting job at my house. All i can say is their service is really superb and the workmanship of the paint job is perfect. I must say that they really know what they are doing. KEep up the great work!
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I was recommended by my friend David and I got my HDB painted by them and i must say that their service was really good and also the paint work is professionally done. Their workers are fast and really efficient. Thank you for the great service.

Mr David Chan


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