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8 Common Misconceptions On Condo Painting

Owning a beautiful house is the dream of everyone especially in the modern times where land and property are not available to all and sundry. However, people tend to be more concerned with acquiring a condominium that they forget that renovating and giving it a perfect look is not a walk in the park. Actually, people have so many misconceptions about condo painting that they assume that it is easy. Here are eight of these misconceptions that really affect the outcome of condo painting in Singapore and major parts of the world.

            Condo Painting

1. One style is the way to go

Painting style is a matter of personal preference but even so, it is important to remind the lovers of one style condo painting that there are better styles of painting to try. Actually, every room of each apartment should be painted differently. The sitting room for instance, should be painted in vivid colors that encapsulate the liveliness of the house. Monochrome color pellets are good for the bedroom while pink or white is good for a girl's bedroom. When it comes to a teen boy's bedroom a more free spirited approach should be followed, because to a boy, the bedroom is simply a place for relaxation and a break from the madness of this world. Unlike the common misconception that the mix and match style is outdated, it is still being used today and it is really fashionable. Exterior painting can also be done in a variety of styles.

2. There are no strict rules and regulations that govern condo painting

Everyone is aware that building a house must be done in accordance with the building codes of the region in question as per the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore. Perhaps what people do not know for sure is that there are rules and guidelines for each house construction and renovation facet. These rules have been put in place to safeguard the safety of the condominium occupants and to conform to the eco-friendly rules especially during these modern days when global warming is a real threat.

3. The outcome of the printing job does not really depend on the preparation

Actually, the opposite is true. While most people think that painting depends solely on the experience of the painter and the quality of the paint, adequate preparation is required for everything to flow smoothly. To begin with, you have to smoothen out the wall before painting. If there is an existing paint cover or wall paper, remove it before you apply the new one. In short, you are required to put in place all the necessary preparations before beginning the painting task so that everything else will fall into place until the project is completed successfully.

4. Anyone can do a good painting job as long as they have the right equipment and the right paint

It is still not clear to some people that paining a house requires knowledge and expertise. Most homeowners think that the overall appearance of the house after the paining job really depends on the type and quality of paint used. However, truth be told, painting a house requires a trained and experienced painter if it is to go well. If the paint of the house is to epitomize an ambiance of relaxation and quirky playfulness, then it must be applied by an experienced condo painter. If you want your condo to be visible from all corners of the neighbourhood, let no one lie to you that anyone can do that for you. Look for professional house painters with a proven track record for that task if you do not want disappointments.

Condo Painting

Tips for choosing the right painter

- Experience. It is advisable to choose a painter who has an acceptable level of experience.
- Cost. Reasonable pricing is perhaps the most important factor in these tough economic times.
- Ability to adhere to rules and regulations governing constructions and buildings.
- Membership and active participation in the activities of professional bodies.
- Relevant technical training and certification.

5. Condo paining cost breaks the bank account

It is true that building a house is expensive right from the first day. However, painting is a bit less expensive compared to other tasks. Moreover, there is a variety of options that you can use to cut down the cost of condominium painting as long as you are working with the right professional condo painters. For this reason, do not imagine that you cannot afford painting your house with your budget, what matters is who you work with.

6. Any paint brand will do

Picking any paint brand is a great mistake when painting your condominium. While some people think that it is the quality of the paint and not the painter that matters, others think that a qualified painter will do a great job with any brand of the paint. The truth is that hiring a reputable painter or painting contractor and using a poor brand of paint is like fitting a square peg in a round hole situation. It doesn't work. A reputable painter will need high quality paint to do a great job.

7. The painting style is not incorporated in the architectural design of the condo

Painting a house without taking into consideration its architectural design is a great mistake. Right from the time the idea of the condominium construction is incepted, the painting style and color should be considered, otherwise the design will not appear as it should. Remember that some painting styles will be suitable in some areas and unsuitable in others, and that is why it is important to adhere to the condo's architectural design in every aspect of the painting task.

8. Condo painting is not part of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

Condo painting is well captured in the CAD and CAM platforms. Gone are the days when computers would make us feel like old Jurassic fossils. Probably those who are not tech savvy are the ones who have this misconception. These days, condominium construction is guided through computer programs right from the foundation stage until the last furnishing item is brought to the house.

In a nutshell, understanding these misconceptions will set the wheels of successful condo painting into motion. It is always advisable to learn from the mistakes of others so that you can stand out from the crowd. In this light, understanding the principles underlying these misconceptions will have a large effect on the condo painting job.

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