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Tips On Choosing The Right Paint Color For Kids Bedroom

You've chosen your bedroom color. The kitchen has been decided as well. Ditto for the living room. One last thing to do- choose a color for your kid's bedroom. What's the right color to paint your children's bedroom in Singapore with?

Studies show how colors can affect behaviour and mood. They can enhance academic performance, increase a child's memory power, make them sleep better at night and stimulate the body and brain, all of which are excellent benefits if used in your kid's bedroom. Here are the ten best colors, and the reason behind why you should choose that particular color of paint:


1. White

White represents innocence, purity and cleanliness. The presence of all colors (which is white) is the best one to use if you intend to make your kid's room appear a little larger than people might think. While it is true that an all-white bedroom for kids might be a little boring, here are some tips to liven it up. A white background with a few bright furnishings such as props or coloured sheets provide the accent to make the room pop. Think of white as a wide, blank canvas and choose your piece highlights to combine those colour effects to achieve a synergistic theme.

2. Black

Classic black is theme for authoritative and powerful colors to dominate your kid's bedroom with. Black is not only good for color, it can also serve a variety of creative purposes as well. It can serve as a backdrop for your child's art pieces and creations. Paint one wall black and have your kid draw on it with a chalk for an enormous makeshift blackboard. Imagine filling the dark backdrop with "stars" and lighting them at night!

3. Silver

Modern bedroom for kids can make use of silver to provide a modern theme for their homes. Silver creates an illusion, as it plays in hues between a hint of blue and grey. Silver is also a unisex color that is great for both boys and girls. When taken into context, silver can be a very versatile color.

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4. Blue

If you have a boy, you automatically think blue. That's fine, because blue is one of the best colors to decorate your son's walls with. Blue is the most-picked favorite color for little boys, and it provides an ability to lower the body temperature. Blue also has a calming effect (especially the lighter baby blue hue) and emanates a relaxing vibe, great for warding off behavioral problems such as tantrums and fits around the house. Make sure to repaint your kids bedroom after two years to keep it from going too dark.

5. Pink

Pink is the must-have color for parents who are blessed with a daughter for a kid. If blue is the favorite for boys, then pink is the favorite for little girls. This color matches almost all of their possessions perfectly, whether it be cooking toy sets or large fluffy stuffed toys. Pink also lends an undeniable charm and a bright atmosphere to any room. Pink calms girls and makes them feel a little more prettier! Choose pink for femininity, and for a loving and romantic atmosphere.

6. Green

Bring nature from the outside and utilize it to give a refreshing look to your kid's bedroom. Understandably, the color of green represents relaxation, nature and sets off a soothing aura for your child to live in. Green is also the color of various fresh vegetables and fruits, and this subtle suggestion may even make your kid eat more greens for lunch and dinner! Green is found by studies to increase a child's rate of reading and increase his or her comprehension. Tranquility, peace and rest are the factors you will get if you choose green. You can also go ahead and decorate the room with cut out animals and trees for an enhanced effect.

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7. Grey

Grey is the neutral color of choice in decorating kids bedroom in Singapore over the past few years. Grey might look dull and dreary when used in copious amounts, but combine them with a few colorful accents and the bedroom becomes lively and emotional. Chic, elegant and sophisticated is the theme if you go with grey as your color paint. Combine them with baby blue, pink, yellow or even orange accents to provide a break from monotony. Grey also makes your life easier, as you won't have to clean the smudges and pencil scribbling too often from the walls!

8. Yellow

Yellow is probably the brightest kind of color paint you can choose for your kid's bedroom paint. The primary color of the sun, yellow is definitely the hue of happiness and hope! If you wish to impart upon your child the ability to be motivated and gain enhanced concentration, you may combine yellow in different shades to get the maximum effect. Bright yellow brings in increased memory, while soft yellow paint can help your kids concentrate better. They will be more likely to grow cheerful, energetic and lively, and will attain a positive outlook as compared to other less bright colours. Balance out yellow with other hues as too much of this paint can lead to unneeded aggression and agitation.

9. Red

Red is the color of life-giving blood, bringing in energy and passion when used as a paint color for your kid's bedroom in Singapore. This strong, dominant hue represents spontaneity, excitement and emotional passion. Red may be more at home in the kitchen or in adult bedrooms, but kids can benefit from the energy that red can provide when painted on their walls. Restless kids won't benefit from it, though; use red sparingly and as accent colour only in this case.

10. Lilac

Lilac is the second most popular color choice for little girls. The color purple can affect the brain and stimulate it to work more. Lavender, lilac and its color brethren can produce a soothing effect of calm serenity. It signifies dignity, feminine tranquility and charming luxury. This hue can also lend a sense of spirituality and wisdom, and it can impart compassion and spark sensitivity in young children. The rich color of purple simulates rest and relaxation while subtly encouraging mental stimulation.

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