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How Many Coats Of Paint Should We Apply For Wall Painting?

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number of coat required to make your paint job be at its best depends on various factors including: the existing surface, products used and paint sheen. Additionally, whenever you buy paint, it is always important that you look at its quality especially the hide rating. It is also wise that you buy the entire amount you will require all at once. This does not only allow you to mix all the gallons of a similar color to prevent variations between them, but it also saves you from unnecessary trips to the store again. For you to figure out the number of gallons of paint to purchase, you will have to calculate the square footage of the wall that you will be painting and multiply it by number of coat need.

Interior painting

You can safely plan to use a single coat if you're repainting same color it previously had. if you're changing the color from a light color to a bold hue or dark one, you will need two quality coats. if you're changing from a bold color to a lighter one for instance from pomegranate to cornflower, it will be necessary that you use a half-dozen coats or even more. In cases like this, the ideal choice will be for you to first to use a stronger primer in order to hide the previous color and allow the new color to cover the wall faster. When painting a drywall use three to four coats.

Exterior Painting

if you're painting over an exterior paint that is still in a good condition (not
peeling or flaking), a single coat is enough to provide a decent color coverage. However, going for a second coat would be a better idea because this will ensure better overall performance of the paint and a longer fade resistance.

If you fancy making a noticeable change in color then additional coats may be necessary. Multiple paints have a hide rating on their literature. This rating gives a buyer a brief idea of how well the paint they are buying will cover the original layer without letting it pop out. High quality paints usually have a higher a hide rating figure, which means they will give you a great coverage with fewer coats.

I know some consumers will be quick to dismiss this but in some cases great results can be achieved with less than two coats. Although several coats may be required in some cases especially with bold colors such as gold, copper and red single coat painting can get you amazing results if use it on the right surfaces. Below are some other generally conditions that may determine number of coat you will use on your wall:

The surface

If the wall you are going to paint has a dull finish, you will need fewer coats since dull surfaces usually grip paint well and faster than a surfaces with a glossy finish. A rough wall will hold and capture paint better than a slippery one. This is because the paint roller can spin properly on a dull surface leaving behind an even coat of paint. For instance, if you try painting over an eggshell your chances of hiding will minimize because the new paint will be floating rather than penetrating the eggshell surface.

Proper tools

Experienced painting experts know the value of using high-quality roller brushes and covers. Low quality covers tend to hold less paint and therefore cannot lay down enough paint to cover a large surface area so that one can get even results. High quality brushes should have similar qualities. If you use low quality equipment it is likely that you will use more time and waste a lot of paint, which means you will need more coats to make the painting consistent.

Sheen level

A flat finish will not look as consistent as paint with a glossier sheen. When there are minimal imperfections on wall surfaces, the sheen will make them more visible since paint makes the imperfections to reflect light. Flat surfaces tend to absorb more light than bumpy ones. In this case, applying several paint coats will help minimize the negative impacts of an angular sheen.

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