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How To Paint Your HDB Door Like An Expert?

If you want to give a new look to your HDB home or you want to add some value in it, then painting of this door can be a great solution for that. But sometime people do not want to invest any money for this and that’s why they decide to paint their HDB door by themselves. Well, that is a good thing and there is nothing wrong in it. But if you want to paint your HDB doors likes an expert, then it is strongly recommended that you follow these basic rules to get the optimum result from your door painting.

Painting Essential Tools And/Or Equipments

Get all the essential things:
To paint your HDB door first your need to have all kind of essential tools or equipments for that. So, it is a good idea that you collect all these things before starting the painting work. Talking about these things that you need to have with you before starting the painting work, you will need good quality paint, different kind of brushes and rollers, wood filler, primer and some covering tapes. Also, you might need some sandpaper or a sandblaster also to remove the existing paint from your HDB door.

Do the cleaning:
If the upper layer of your HDB door is already painted then you will need to remove the old paint before applying any new paint. You can easily do that with the help of some good quality sandblasting paper or a mechanical sandblaster. If you feel the existing paint is in good condition and you do not see any blisters or chips of paints on your door, then you can skip the blasting part. After that you need to clean the door and you need to remove all the dirt or dust from your HDB door. Here, you need to remember that if you sandblast the door, then do it for entire door else you will not get the desired smoothness from your painting work.

Cover other things:
Ideally you should remove the door from hinges, but that will take a lot of time and it will put you at risk also. So, it is a good idea that you cover all those parts that you don’t want to paint with paper and masking tape. These parts can include, door knobs, handle, and side of the door channel as some paint can go there also by mistake.

Colours Selection For Paint

Fill the gaps:
Once you clean the door, then you need to check entire door for cracks or any visible spacing in it. If you see such cracks, then you need to fill that gap with the help wood filler. When you choose wood filler, it is a good idea that you choose one that is quick drying so you can finish the painting work quickly and easily. After wood filler is dry, you can use a sand paper to make the space smooth and clean so it becomes a part of the HDB door.

Apply the primer:
If you skipped the part of sandblasting, then you don’t have to apply primer on it and you can simply go ahead for the next step. But if you sandblasted the entire door then it is essential that you use a good quality primer on your door before painting it. In this process make sure you apply the primer on all the sides of your door. After applying primer and once it is dry you shall use a fine grit sand paper to make the surface fine and smooth and to remove any paint drips.

Apply paint:
This is last step that you need to do paint your HDB door like an expert. In step take a good quality roller brush and paint it from upside down and down side up. In this process you can cover almost entire door without leaving any dripping of paint. If you miss some parts in corners, then you can paint that using a good quality small sized paint brush, but in this painting make sure you use only up and down direction to get the best result.

Once paint is dried, then you can simply remove all the masking tapes from door handle, knob or locks. And if you see some dripping of paint at any place, then you can rub that using a fine grit paper and you can get same finish at that place also.

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