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Do you face an issue whereby your house needed a new coat of paint and you just merely picked a colour that you prefer, paint brushes and got all ready and excited to work?

It seemed as though it is fun to do. But in fact, it will take up most of your time washing and cleaning up after. You may ask yourself this question: ''why some spots were painted and some were not.'' Therefore, you started applying more coats. Not only that, while painting the environment yourself, a lot of items may end up getting unnecessary paint stains due to our negligence because we assumed that paint would not fall on our furniture. Over the years, the paint works started to chip out certain place. This happens when you did not engage professionals to paint as we do not have the experience & knowledge.

Firstly, professional painters will request to remove all the unnecessary things on the wall such as painting and pictures and other furniture of your environment that are obstructing them.

Secondly, they will ensure that all your items are shifted in the centre of the area and use plastic wrapping materials to cover up items to prevent any spillage of paints.

Thirdly, they will also using masking tapes to tape up areas such as windows, blinds, fans, switches and etc. They will also scrape unwanted things such as double sided with the proper scrapping tools.

Lastly, they will apply plastering to even out uneven areas before officially start painting. The painters then will, prepare your wall with a base coat which is very important as this allows your chosen colour to last longer and also a white base coat is used so the colour you choose be in light or dark will show up perfectly. Once the base coat is dry, your chosen colour is painted on especially the corners of the room and the space between the ceiling and the side walls are painted in neat line with the help of the professional painters. The colours will be left to dry.

Once the paint dried up, the painters will remove the covered areas and touch up and last spots you before shifting and placing back your items. All the work is done; no paint stains on your clothes no mess and a clean paint job. And if you are not used to manual labour of painting, seeking help from professional painting company will save you a lot of pain and results in a beautiful new room with a new shade of colour.

I believed that many of us didn't do all of the required things when we tried painting our environment till we met professionals painters.


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I was given a free onsite quotation for the painting job at my house. All i can say is their service is really superb and the workmanship of the paint job is perfect. I must say that they really know what they are doing. KEep up the great work!
MIss Jenny Chia


I was recommended by my friend David and I got my HDB painted by them and i must say that their service was really good and also the paint work is professionally done. Their workers are fast and really efficient. Thank you for the great service.

Mr David Chan


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