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Pros & Cons On Hiring HDB Painters

Singapore is a great place to live in. This island country has great history to offer and filled with beautiful sites to visit for both the locals and the tourist. The living standards are also very flexible compared to anywhere else in the world. The weather climate is very convenient and the people of this republic are very friendly. However, being a home owner in this country comes with a number of challenges before you can fully settle. Especially if you are living in a HDB flat and you need your house painted for that quality look. There are hundreds of private investors offering painting services, which makes it difficult for home owners to find a genuine company offering quality HDB paint services.

Pros And Cons On Hiring HDB Painters

Things to consider while hiring HDB painters

HDB flats look astounding from the outside as well as the inside. One thing you will notices about this apartments is that they look similar with one another. This is due to the fact that the houses are built using the same design, which is why most homeowners seek for a new style to change the inside look. Painting is the best way of giving your house a unique look from the rest. That means it is necessary for you to change the interior design starting with the paint. HDB paint services will improve the look of your flat. Here are other advantages of hiring HDB paint servicess.

� Assigning the job to professionals saves you a lot of time. This is because the team you hire is experienced and uses specials skills and methods to get the work done.

� Saves extra costs of buying painting utilities and other accessories. When you hire a company for HDB paint services, the firm uses its own equipped gear as part of the package.

� Requesting for painting services saves you time. This is because the painting job is carried out by more than one person, which means the job gets completed within a short period.

� HDB painters also offer you free advice on the best paint to use and where to get it. 

� Professional painters also have new ideas and themes to offer. This makes it easy for homeowners to choose a style that suits them best.

� HDB painters offer different painting packages for the whole house and also for different sections of your home. This gives customers the benefit of planning their budget in advance and to conclude on which budget to choose.

HDB paint services can be accessed round the clock. This is done in order to make the service much easier to access. It is also convenient for people who are seeking painting services and would like to schedule an appointment for further detailing on painting services. Another factor that you should consider is the fact that, not all painters offer quality work or genuine services. Because of this reason, it is important that you seek reference from online tutorials and also from other customers who have had different experiences.

Disadvantages of hiring HDB paint servicess

� HDB paint servicess is the most convenient option of painting your HDB flat. Although this option does not meet everyone’s needs and end up frustrating most customers. Here are some of the disadvantages related to HDB paint services;

� HDB paint servicess can be cost effective. This means you might end up spending more on your painting than you would expect.

� Painting job may last longer than expected. When you enquire for painting services, most dealers guarantee to have the job done in two to three. Unfortunately most of the workload last up to five days. 

� Painting services my force you to shift from your HDB flat and relocate ones the work is done. 

� Use of additional colors is highly discouraged since this option adds an extra cost to your charges.


HDB paint servicess is part of interior design. Due to this fact, it is important having a set up theme or style which will present the style that you wish to have. This acts as a guideline of painters and makes it easy for them to conclude on which colors to use and where to apply, before starting off.


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