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Wall Painting Service Providers And Costs

Painting walls in Singapore is an age-old practice in Singapore that people do for fun and aesthetic purposes. Even with the technological advancements, the primary input to the process of painting is the paint. In definition, the paint is a mixture applied to a surface-in this case walls- to decorate, add markers or protect the wall. Protection depends on the quality of the coat. Its uses double up as advantages but sometimes and as usual, we cannot miss disadvantages.

Wall Painting Service

As per the definition, it is clear one can relate painting and coating. The coating process involves applying a material on the surface of walls to form a firm, continuous film. Typically, in the liquid-solid state, the coat dries up once applied on the wall to create a solid film. Singapore boasts of a robust coating industry with spectacular experience in the painting process.

Composition of wall paints

The paint or coat is a composition of four substances, namely: a filler, film-forming material, a solvent, and auxiliary agent. Different paints have varying substance percentages; meaning consumers buy different coats for varying purposes. Usually, a paint store or paint provider will have a particular brand that has paints with varying substance percentages, depending on market requirements and regulations. For example, the powder coating may not have a solvent while the varnish has no filler nor pigment.

As earlier stated, the current technological advancements add versatility to the traditional painting materials and techniques. More precisely, the modern age painting in Singapore employs engineering materials that build on the chemical industry. Again, the significant components of the current paints are fine chemical products. As such, we have an organic synthetic material which ends up as a polymer compound on the walls.

Wall painting service providers and costs

Painting by itself cannot be new to people, but the process can be a unique and equally tedious activity. For that matter, painting service providers continuously emerge in Singapore to bridge a market need. Again, service providers come up with new and innovative products to offer their customers.

Some of the aspects to consider while choosing a painting service provider are cost and quality. The current market price of painting a wall is $360 onwards. The price is due to the fixed amount paid to the workman and the transport costs. It is essential to look for high-quality paints. Again, there should be a guarantee for satisfaction; usually, you can research who has the best reviews on painting. You can also consider how fast the painter could finish the job. Alternatively, you can find a professional who uses paints that do not necessarily disturb normal operations. Current painters boast of the "zero disruption to operations" factor. Certification of the painter is also pertinent due to issues of security and quality. Sometimes one would need both interior and exterior painting; in which case the painter should be able to do both.

Some of the popular services sought are;

Painting the entire or particular walls in a house.
Painting temples and old buildings.
Painting of condos
Painting commercial or official spaces.
Painting several flats.

Depending on the size of the wall and the quality you desire, the coating contractors will provide information regarding the valuation of the service. The period of painting the rooms depends on the size-height and width- of the walls. The prices vary for different purposes, but there is a general price depending on if it interior, exterior painting, or both.

Interior painting

The cost of interior painting is anything between 480 Singapore Dollars and 6400 Singapore Dollars. Sometimes, there could be a need for wallpaper removal, which has a separate average cost of about 180 SGD (Singapore Dollars). Again, the lead-safe preparation needs an additional payment of at least 70 SGD.

Wall Painting Service

Exterior painting

It is advisable to use two topcoats for exterior painting. The height and size of the wall significantly affect the pricing of the painting service. In the exterior painting category, the prices begin from 2,000 SGD onwards.

In conclusion, painting walls is a fascinating subject that encompasses involving professionals and voicing your ideas. In that case, you need to do thorough research before settling on who to do your painting and how they should do it. It is fun when you participate in the process which can also minimize the cost that comes with painting walls in Singapore.

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