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Why Post Cleaning After Painting Is Necessary

Post cleaning after painting service happens to be a cleaning service which many of us tend to ignore at present. As a result, it will be imperative for them to clean up the area on their own since no cleaning management had been done in advance. Proper planning is vital in case painting is performed for any existing house in Singapore or even an apartment such that the cleaner is able to arrive instantaneously following the painting operation and begin cleaning the area. This will help to minimize any type of delay as well as downtime so that it will be possible for you to come back to the apartment or house without wasting much time at all.

Post Cleaning

It will be possible for any experienced painter to inform you whether he will be able to accomplish the painting job in your residence. In general, approximately 3 days should be enough to paint your condominium or apartment in Singapore. The painter must be capable of letting you understand the expected date of completion of the painting process such that you will be able to hire the cleaning service the subsequent day or that day itself.

Below, we have mentioned some essential tips for post cleaning after painting services in Singapore that will help to get the job done impeccably and in the best possible way.

1. Plan in advance

Make it a point to talk to your painter regarding the date of the starting of the painting operation and also the expected date when the job is going to be completed. This ought to be fairly precise. You should schedule the cleaning the subsequent day or the same day after the completion of the painting job.

2. Spot check

It is imperative to make sure that there is no paint on your footwear soles or socks such that there is no possibility of it spreading in other areas of your house.

3. Clean your equipment

Make sure that your painting equipment is cleaned thoroughly such that you can use them once again in the future. This will include anything you might have utilized in the decorating procedure including scrapers, paint trays, edgers, and so on. Warm and soapy water must be used for the paints which are water-based, and for the solvent-based paints you must make use of a top-quality solvent-based cleaning solution available on the market. Moreover, do not forget to wipe those dry so as to prevent any rust in the future.

4. Clean the brushes

In the same manner, it will also be essential to clean your rollers and brushes before the paint can dry on them. It will be a good idea to wash the rollers and brushes in cold and running water in case you are using any water-based paint. Following this, you can wash them with warm water with some amount of detergent followed by washing in cold and running water once more. For the paints which are solvent-based, your brushes should be cleaned using a solvent-based cleansing solution and then you must wash them using warm water along with a small amount of detergent.

5. Store the brushes

The brushes have to be wrapped in a kitchen towel or any other piece of absorbent fabric and you also need to make them secure using masking tape. This will make sure that the brushes come back to the original shape after drying up. Also, do not forget to store the brushes in a flat condition so that the bristles do not get bent whatsoever.

6. Wipe the paint tin

The interior rim, as well as the external edge of your paint tin, has to be wiped prior to pressing the cap back on firmly. This will make sure that no paint does drip and also it will be more convenient to open the container again in the future.

Post Cleaning

7. Clean the paint splashes

In case there is any paint splash on the glass or anywhere else, make sure to remove them immediately. Wait till the paint dries up and following this, wipe the area using a piece of damp cloth and also scrape gently using a blunt knife.


In case only one cleaner is performing the job for you, you can ask for more of them to work simultaneously so that the cleaning procedure does not consume much time out there. Although it might make you shell out some more cash, you’ll be able to relocate to your newly painted abode in Singapore within a short span of time.

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