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Painting Your House for The New Year


Painting House For A New Year

Coming to a new year, everyone would like to give their home a new coat of paint to welcome a brand new year and a fresh start. Normally to save and cut cost, Singaporeans will usually D.I.Y themselves. Selecting the correct shades may not be easy as there are array of colours available in the market.

Do you know that just a single white colour; there are 100 over shades in the painting world? Likewise that is also many shades of black, an array of blues, a variety of oranges etc. Just to give an example for the colour of orange: tangerine, mahogany, coral and many more.

If you are having any dilemma in choosing the right colour for your home, you may refer to any of the interior design magazine to get an idea of the popular paint shade in the year. This is a good option if you are having difficulty in choosing the colour. Advantage is you opt for the popular colour; you may be able to find many pictures on the internet to give you a rough idea to paint your home. It is a great way to get suggestions about whether the colour suits your residence and to know the tricks in merging the colour to blend in your home.

Now let me introduce to you some of the top most popular colour for this year till mid of next year. Perhaps may be after reading you may get some suggestions and the catch of each individual to paint in that wonderful area of your home.

Lonicera (Honeysuckle) - This is one of the selected shades of the year, 2011. Lonicera, or Honeysuckle is a colourful flower that lure hummingbirds. These flowers have few colours, but the paint shade take the colour of deep pink, which is some of the Honeysuckle bloomed colour. Choose this colour if you want to make your room vibrant with vibes of joy and excitement. It is a good contrast of colour that do not give an over feeling of too young and wild but a feeling of romance, warmth and sunshine.

Vintage Wine - Sound weird? Vintage wine is a term used for wine made from grapes that are locally grown and harvested in a précised year. Now it is used to describe the special deep chocolate purple (just like deep purple grapes = fresh prune?) which sound so tempting to be eaten as it was presenting you the real fruits. It gave the feeling of heaviness as compared to honeysuckle due to it richness in deep colour. Once painted, it gave the room a sensual, poised and vintage atmosphere. If you like nature a lot, this colour will give you the natural brown shades which resemble earth, and you will feel the balance atmosphere thus making a suitable option to either paint it on a simple area of the wall or the ceiling.

Zesty Citrus Yellow - Sound sour and mouth-watering? This colour is also one of the top pick is due to its colour shade near to light yellow just like a Lemon flavour chiffon cake. This colour gave a light hearted and joyful atmosphere. Always feeling stress after work? This colour may be one of the good choice as it will help to give your eyes a trick of sunshine, relax and positive image.

Sound impressive and unbelievable? Do look up more on the interior design magazine and get some great idea on painting your house.


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