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How Many Days Does It Take To Paint A 4 Room HDB?

Singaporeans consider HDB flats among the most prized possessions. However, maintaining these flats can become a hassle free process with the employment of top quality painting services from painting professionals who will eventually help enhance the appearance of your building as well. Hiring service providers that are reliable will ensure your requirements or needs are effectively taken care of and as such every Singaporean owner of a 4 room HBD flat will make an extra effort to see to it that they hire the topmost qualified professionals in the country to finish the work in the minimum number of days possible.

How Many Days Does It Take To Paint A 4 Room HDB?

A 4 room HDB flat is a highly preferred choice for most singaporeans being in the middle of the 3 and 5 room HDB, the flat usually has a size that ranges between 800 square feet and 1,100 square feet. The flat consists of 1 living room, 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 2 bathrooms/toilets as well as a store room. These rooms will usually take between 1 and 3 days to complete the job. However, the number of days may vary significantly depending on the state of the building; whether new or is being renovated, the state of the walls, or even the age of the walls.

Breathing new life into your flat through painting can be very cost effective to a point that some do it often to change moods of the rooms, depending on the season or some to simply express personalities. However, you should keep in mind that doing this requires using paint of the highest quality in order to make surfaces more abrasion-resistant and easier to clean or wash without removing the paint. In addition, use of an undercoat is very essential; something that would mean the process is elongated due to the additional period required for the undercoat to dry. Some cases are there where you might need two undercoats before applying the final coat of the paint; however, this can be a hard task to determine on your own unless you seek the advice or services of a professional painting agency.

How Many Days Does It Take To Paint A 4 Room HDB?

HDB flats in Singapore as earlier noted are prized possessions and there are no prized possessions that don't require delicate caring. Through painting, these buildings can be well polished and shaped in appearance thanks to the many contractors available who can do the job in a minimum of two days or worse three days. This job would not just start without prior preparations that usually include inspection of the flat by the contractors. They usually check for the quality of your flat's walls in order to determine the type of service that they require as well as the type of paint to use. In the cases of a new HDB flat, the walls will require to be fit with primers and or sealers something that will probably increase the duration taken for a new house or at times when very old. This is because new or old walls of a flat are prone to seepage of moisture and as such require a primer or sealer.

The surfaces to be painted require to be cleaned before applying paint. Old HDB flats that require walls to be cleaned before the paint is applied can consume some significant time as this would involve requesting for new and or more paint colors to add on the initial package of the contractor something that will definitely attract more costs. Taking care of the ceiling, the toilet and the bathrooms as well might increase the duration of completing the job. After painting your flat, you shouldn't move in immediately for healthy safety matters as some these materials can cause your body harm when inhaled. Thus, leave your home for several days for the materials to dry and in the process avoiding the dangers associated with paint and related materials.

If you have what it takes, it can be very cost effective to paint your home on your own however, if you don't, it is recommended to hire a professional painting agency. There are a number of good companies that offer quality painting services in Singapore, however, do an intense online research to find the best company with the best reputation in the industry and your job will be done within 1 to 3 days. Also be sure to check out reviews about the company.

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